Doing Nothing is Not An Option of Our Life

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We work for children suffering from Thalessaemia and who are deaf and dumb

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To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.

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You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.

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There are many small things that can be done to contribute to child rights. Yes, what is needed is a bit of sensitivity and willingness to do something worthwhile. Come and Donate for the child rights.

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Some things can't be forced onto someone and good deeds are done from the heart. So, become a Volunteer and be a part of good deed.


Changing the lives of children is a continuous process. As individuals we have to continue to give support by way of financial help. So, Sponsor a child for the continuous help.

Our Latest Events

Blood Donation

Blood Donation Camp 2014, Adarsh Nagar for children suffering from thalassaemia.

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Dance Activity

Dance Activity in Adarsh Nagar govt. school, Jan 2015.

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Things Distribution

Copies , box , Pen and all things distributed ...

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Music- a way of teaching and expressing

Music teaches us way beyond the text. When music speaks all others fall silent. Music helps us grow as individuals, teaches values of life and increases our comprehensive capabilities.

Sports for a healthier life !

Sports create estimations of kinship, shared trust and sportsmanship. They help a kid to take his very own choice and hone his reasoning procedure.

From Blackboard To Digital Board.

Digital media, a word often associated with computers and the changing face of the IT sector. This marks the line of transition from textbook based education to augmented reality education.


रोहित झालीवाल

अखिल भारतीय साहू वैश्य युवा महासभा जिला जयपुर ,
युवा अध्यक्ष पीसीसी मैम्बर

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